About Us


Our focus is in creating fresh strategic investment opportunities across globally emerging markets. We have a diverse and expanding portfolio of wide sector real estate and early stage investments, located within some of the most dynamic and exciting multi-national locations. We identify sustainable and scalable operating business strategies where unique investment opportunities arise from capital market inefficiencies, disruptions or transitions.

We partner with motivated international investors and business leaders, thus creating a network that blends local expertise with global practices.


Global Reach

We draw upon our collective world-wide knowledge and partnerships, focusing on the potential of vibrant markets and dynamic locations.

Strategic Investments

We locate strategic real estate and startup opportunities leveraging unique domain expertise, corporate partners, and industry relationships, creating a self-reinforcing cycle of value within our business.


Our commitment is to identify projects with new, innovative technologies within rising locations and markets, encouraging sustainable communities and environments.

Locate strategic real estate and startup opportunities.